How to Brew Aeropress

Explainer Video


As an unapologetic caffeine addict, different coffee creation methods have continually sparked my interest. In this motion design student project, I created an animated tutorial to demonstrate how to use the inverted method to brew a coffee with an Aeropress coffee maker.


Adobe After Effects | Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Photoshop | Adobe InDesign


Motion Design | Animation | Storyboarding | Illustration


60s style illustrations of coffee maker

The inspirations for the visual design of this project were 60s illustrations and animated opening sequences for television shows.

I wanted to create a vintage, nostalgic vibe mixed with modern elements that would only be possible with current technology.


television static animation

Intro and Outro

To bookend the sequence, I added a television static effect. I followed a Youtube tutorial in order to create this effect.


I added glimmers inspired by 60s illustrations and cartoons as accents throughout the sequence to enhance the nostalgic feel.

Finishing touches

A paper texture overlay was added to the entire piece to complete the retro-inspired visuals. 

I chose “The Elevator Bossa Nova” by Bensound to reinforce the fun and funky visuals.