Guard Your Coconut

Multi-channel Digital Contest


To highlight Bell’s variety of motorcycle helmets, contestants will play a retro, arcade-style motorcycle racing game to win an all expenses paid trip to Oahu, Hawaii. to tour the islands on rented motorcycles. The highest score wins!

This campaign combines tropical illustrated elements and 70s ultramodern graphic elements with photography and silly coconut characters to create a strange and arresting visual.


Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Photoshop | Adobe After Effects | Adobe InDesign


Concepting | Illustration | Motion Design for Social Media | Photo Manipulation & Compositing | Layout Design | Typography | Email Campaign Concepting and Execution

Planning & Concepting

Guard Your Coconut Moodboard

I drew inspiration from the 70s ultramodern supergraphic movement for the pill-shaped containers and lines featured throughout the campaign.

Additionally, I was heavily inspired by modern meme visuals, specifically the “birbs with arms” memes, which I have featured here.

For my rough key visual design, I digitally composited a coconut wearing a Bell helmet and riding a motorcycle in Photoshop. I superimposed this over a tropical background image to suggest the Hawaiian grand prize. I imported these images into Illustrator to create the graphic frames and design the logo. For this first iteration, I used a brown, red, and cream color scheme.

coconut character on motorcycle with helmet
Guard Your Coconut Rough Key Visual
guard your coconut logo with coconut character wearing helmet

Logo Design

I redesigned the contest logo artwork for the final design. I added facial features to the coconut character and simplified the shield graphic while adding additional colors to it. I also added the Bell logo to the contest logo. I also further refined the typographic elements to maintain a cohesive feel throughout the entire campaign.

Major Prize

The major prize depicts the campaign character riding a motorcycle in front of a tropical backdrop. I altered the key image to make the character appear in profile and used a profile image of the product superimposed on top.

coconut character riding motorcycle in front of tropical background
coconut character plush

Minor Prize - Plush

This minor prize was so fun to create. It started as a duck plush. I then cloned the face to remove the features and applied digital color to the image to match the character from the key art. I added facial features to match the character design from the key visual. I finished the comp with Bell’s logo, warped to simulate dimension.

Minor Prize - T-shirt

I used a mockup to create this second minor prize. I used the same graphic lines and Bell logo to tie this prize into the rest of the campaign.

Bell branded t-shirt
coconut character bashes other coconut character with metal bat while riding motorcycles

arcade Game Graphic

I loved making this unexpectedly sinister graphic for the arcade game key art. I was inspired by the 90s video game “Road Rash” when creating this visual. I imagined the contest game to be modeled after this classic arcade game.

Animation for social media

Landing page

landing page

Email Campaign

For the email marketing campaign portion of this project, I used Mailchimp. It was important to me to maximize accessibility for the emails themselves, so I used the fonts available within Mailchimp and tried to match them to the aesthetic of the campaign.

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