Hundreds of Beavers

Independent Film Marketing Campaign


For this motion design student project, I wanted to create a gender-flipped James Bond-style opening sequence. I took inspiration from the classic film Metropolis for the title design because of its thematic and tonal similarities to the short story “The Golden Man” by Philip K. Dick.


Adobe Photoshop | Adobe After Effects | Adobe Illustrator


Photo Manipulation & Compositing | Illustration | Motion Design | Concepting & Ideation | Photography


The Golden Man Storyboard

For the rough storyboard, I envisioned the sequence having art deco-style illustrations superimposed over photography of classical statues. 

I initially storyboarded 4 panels and a title card but ultimately expanded this number to 6 in addition to an intro and title card.

Sample Posts

The Golden Man - Abs Illustration
The Golden Man - Back Illustration
The Golden Man - Naomi Illustration
The Golden Man - Title Illustration

Stock photography was used for the statue imagery. The photographs were edited in Photoshop to give them a gilded appearance in reference to the plot of the short story the sequence was inspired by.

The line illustrations were created in Adobe Illustrator. Each panel was meant to represent the subject’s character traits and actions within the context of the plot. Each illustration was manually animated sequentially using timed trim paths.

The Golden Man - Lupita Illustration
The Golden Man - All Illustration
The Golden Man - Lovely Head Illustration

Merch & Collateral

Glow effects, typography, and bokeh lights were added within After Effects to enhance the mood and complete the sequence.

“Lovely Head” by Goldfrapp was selected as background music because of its alluring sound and thematically related lyrics.

golden man screenshot