Hundreds of Beavers

Indie Film Social Media Marketing Campaign, Film Premiere Signage & Collateral


I was privileged to work with an amazing team in order to market this beautiful independent film. For this campaign, we sought to cast a wide net to attract a wide audience for a niche product. We accomplished this with a guerilla execution, mirroring the film itself.


Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator |  Adobe After Effects


Photo Manipulation & Compositing | Motion Design | Merchandise Design | Ideation & Concepting


The Golden Man Storyboard

The visual execution began with inserting copy over film stills and evolved to reference unrelated films and locales.

To accomplish this, we began with ideation sessions where we brainstormed visual concepts based on the location of the film screening or the theme of the film festival. We then shot digital images of a team member in the costume performing different actions or poses. 

Finally, these images were composited in Photoshop to promote the films inclusion in each festival.

Selected Graphics

The Golden Man - Abs Illustration
The Golden Man - Back Illustration
The Golden Man - Naomi Illustration
The Golden Man - Lupita Illustration
The Golden Man - All Illustration
The Golden Man - Lovely Head Illustration

Finishing touches

Glow effects, typography, and bokeh lights were added within After Effects to enhance the mood and complete the sequence.

“Lovely Head” by Goldfrapp was selected as background music because of its alluring sound and thematically related lyrics.

golden man screenshot